An opinionated Macos setup

This is just how my macos is setup, hope find something useful for yourself :)

1. Stats


Open source application that shows Network usage / CPU usage / Fan control / Temperature

2. KeepingYouAwake


Ever wanted to stop mac from going to sleep? Maybe when you want to download something. Then this is quite useful.

3. Smooth backspace


Macos by default has a quite annoyingly laggy backspacing. Change your keyboard settings to this and get a better experience deleting text.

4. Browser extension - ublock origin


Ever felt that your adblocker misses ads? A lot of the ad blockers have made agreements with ad companies to let their ads through in exchange for money. Use Ublock Origin for the best adblock experience

5. Browser extension - Tamper Monkey


If you have never used temper monkey, you have missed out on a whole new way of surfing the internet. You can download scripts at GreasyFork

6. Browser extension - Reddit Enhancement


Enhance the reddit experience