Retro Typer

A simple multi platform emoji/memes/gifs finder

💻 Screenshots




🔥 Installation for macos

  1. Download retro_typer.dmg from Releases
  2. Double click and install the .dmg file

⏩ Setup Shortcut to run the retro_typer (MACOS)

  1. Open the Shortcuts app in macos
  2. Click the plus button at the top right corner to add a new shortcut
  3. click on the search bar at the top right corner and type “Open App” for the action. Drag open app to the main area.
  4. Click on the app keyword and find retro_typer
  5. To setup a keyboard shortcut, click the information icon at the top right corner of the shortcuts app.
  6. Click “Add Keyboard Shortcut” and add your shortcut key combination, you can press shift + option + 1
  7. And you’re done ! Just press the shortcut anywhere.


🔥 Installation for windows

  1. Download from Releases
  2. extract the zip file

⏩ Setup Shortcut to run retro_typer (WINDOWS)

  1. Right click on the retro_typer shortcut and click ‘properties’
  2. click on the ‘Shortcut Key’ and setup a key like Ctrl + Alt + 1

🛠️ How to use

  • Use arrow keys to choose the meme to use
  • Press number keys on keyboard to choose type 1 for ascii, 2 for gif etc
  • Press enter to choose. The meme/emoji has been copied to clipboard

Known Issues

Shortcut on macos not working

Some shortcuts are already used by the Macos itself. Try out a few combinations and see which ones are available.